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Amy parent bag



Satchel-like parent bag offering enough space for the needs of the entire family!
Amy parent bag was designed with the purpose of offering extended space for all the objects a mommy has to carry once the little one arrives into this world.
The smart compartmenting is realized keeping in mind all the necessary aspects: interior, zipper-closed pockets, separate pocket for the baby mattress, isolated pocket for the baby bottle and special transparent pocket for the mobile phone.



- Long zipper that opens into a large, roomy middle section
- Front pockets with easy access
- Practical back pockets
- Lateral pockets for small objects and napkins
- Smart compartmenting at the interior: 2 zipper pockets for diapers, pocket for baby mattress, isolated pocket for the baby bottle, transparent pocket for the mobile phone
- Modern technology: the bag is fitted with 2 water proof pockets, ideal for wet tissues and snacks
- Water proof and washable baby mattress
- Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps
- Water proof fabric
- Elegant, eco-leather handle
- Fitted with accessories that make possible the mounting on the stroller



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